Comments on: Missing Out With Friends and Family To Avoid Abuser Sexual Abuse and MDSA: how does a "victim" become a "survivor?" Thu, 15 Sep 2016 01:48:59 +0000 hourly 1 By: Brittany Ann Thu, 15 Sep 2016 01:46:55 +0000 Hi vicky,

Yes, this is helpful to me. It is always helpful to hear another survivor’s story. I’m so sorry for the trauma you went through.

You are right- you have your kids and your husband, and that is your family.

Healing thoughts,

By: Brittany Ann Thu, 15 Sep 2016 01:44:20 +0000 Hello SE,

You’ve got it sorted that you’ve got to come to forgiveness on your own terms. You can’t go to a party and expect to feel forgiveness.

Infact, some of us do and some of don’t, and that includes those of us who are of any religion.

I wish you well on this journey that I have pondered many times myself.


By: vicky Thu, 28 Jul 2016 16:51:04 +0000 I know it hurts I had finnelly after 20 years gave my family a dission it was eather me r him. they picked him even after admitting it. I told on him a little while after it started but was called a lirer. Ok hears what happened. my stepdad rapped me from a baby till I was nine. my mom walked in with him on top of me. she had a riffle in her hand. we jumped up and I was so sceard I was headed to the window in my room on the second floor to jump out, she stoped me and told me to go get my brother and get in the car, so we did and then mom came out he was behind her she got to the car door and then pointed the riffle at him and said, if u come any closer I will kill u. he stoped and kneled on the ground. mom got in the car and we left. we stopped at a little park that had a little spring creek , I thought I was in trouble. and that’s when my mom exsplained to me that. I wasn’t in trouble and that if anyone touches me like that to tell. I was at so much peace for the first time in my life. anyway he went to prizen and we went to my grandmothers to live then my grandfather started doing it to me. well I didn’t like it but for some reason it didn’t really down on me what he was doing for a couple of mounths and I was sceard and had had enough so I told mom. well we went upstairs to tell my grandmother. she called me a lyer and that was the end of that we stayed ther a couple more mounths but he didn’t touch me anymore, nobody talked to me are anything I was alone. well we finely moved. anyway I know where your coming from cause, after 20 years he finnelly admitted to it. but he was still there, I thought I had my family back. for all that time I had to try and stay away from him. and walk on egg shell nervis and achamed ,sceard, anyway sorry I’m getting off what I wonted to say. after he admitted it and they didn’t kick him out are put him in jail. or hang him nothing. he stayed so no I didn’t get my family back. well I had had enough. I told all of them its him are me. he never left after like a mounth r so I might not have gave him enough time to leave. but I didn’t care I needed my family he had them long enough it was time to go. well he didn’t so I did I left state and all, its been another 20 years and I’m just now talking to my mom every once in a while, it hearts but its better then living in shame I’m trying not to fill that way. oh yea after like 2 years after I left he finnlly did leave. but I still don’t have my family. I do have my kids and my husband that’s all the family I need anyway, God bless and I hope this helps u.